Piano Lessons In Sarasota: A Refreshing Approach To Learning

Piano Lessons In Sarasota That Are Creative, Fun, And Result-OrientedWe offer piano lessons in Sarasota that are a bit different than the average piano lesson that is experienced. It's a commonality here to see a first-time student with no previous experience smiling long before that initial lesson is over. Why? Because you are put in touch with a way to understand and implement musical concepts right from the beginning. What so many people (including piano teachers) perceive as material "that you'll be ready to learn at some point in the future" is acknowledged here from the start.

Let's face it. The way to become inspired and maintain your interest is to experience satisfying results. Well, there isn't any reason why you can't enjoy that kind of satisfaction right from the beginning. Sure, as time progresses and you are exposed to more and more lessons, you'll be ready for even more interesting experiences. We're not here to tell you that it doesn't take practice to get better. However, that said, we are here to tell you that you are capable of achieving certain results that the average piano student under the tutelage of a traditional teacher often never gets to enjoy. The reason? Well, there can be more than one. Firstly, most teachers simply have a "boiler plate" approach to teaching that you either take to or you don't. There are so many classical-oriented teachers that just don't have the background that can help you with things like playing pop and jazz tunes, playing piano by ear, improvising, etc. This isn't a matter of blaming anyone. They simply have their limitations.

In addition, it's often the case where a student isn't provided with the kind of enthusiasm and encouragement to stick it out long enough to enjoy certain musical concepts that are scheduled for later in a teacher's agenda. At Piano Ca Dab Ra! we place the focus on a beginning student enjoying the satisfaction of achieving results right from day one. This applies to you, the adult student who has never placed your fingers on a piano keyboard, as well as a youngster who is being provided lessons for the very first time. Furthermore, we have had students with previous classical training whose eyes open wide when they suddenly realize what they have been missing.

We offer piano lessons in Sarasota that are far different than anything else you're likely to experience in the vicinity. You can count on a well-balanced approach to learning piano that will ultimately lead to the student appreciating what he or she is really capable of. We're talking about results that will last a lifetime. There is so much satisfaction to be gained when a person with no previous experience (or very little) suddenly understands what it really takes to be able to play piano by ear, for instance... or even improvise. In order to be introduced to concepts like this early in the game, you've got to have a coach who specializes in these areas. You have that here at Piano Ca Dab Ra!

So, if you've never played piano before - even if you have your doubts about your own ability - and have at least some desire to have fun at those keys for whatever reason of yours, you are encouraged to schedule a lesson to get a taste of what you are in for. Also, if you or a child of yours is already involved with lessons and you sense that things are getting stale, just know that it doesn't have to be that way. There is a refreshing alternative.

We look forward to having the opportunity to get to know you better. Each and every person who enters our studio is unique and that is to be respected. We want to help you to apply that individuality in a musical way. Truly, you are in for something different and it will be our pleasure and privilege to be by your side as your journey unfolds and leads to more and more musical enlightenment!




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