Jazz Piano Lessons In Sarasota, Florida

In addition to the traditional type lessons you might expect, we offer jazz piano lessons along with lessons in pop style playing, improvisation, playing by ear, and songwriting. The
comprehensive training that is available to you here will actually prepare you for playing virtually any styles you may want to eventually explore.

We provide jazz, pop, and improvisation lessons to people of all ages and levels. Actually, people who have studied classical music for years who would like to approach playing piano with a more creative mind set but were never exposed to a teacher who was not trained to help in this fashion come to us to explore their personal potential as piano stylists.

Many adults who have had some lessons in their earlier years and have the desire to learn how to make those favorite standard songs come to life in a more stylistic manner discover quickly that what they're been in search of is much more easily within their grasp than they thought. Our journey includes the exploration of professional sounding chords, chord progressions, chord voicings, piano fills, improvisation, and more at many different levels.

However, you don't need to have previous experience in order for even your initial stages of development to be geared toward your ultimately playing pop, jazz, or whatever your favorite style happens to be. We have a genuine passion here for customizing our coaching efforts to your specific musical goals.

What is your personal reason for considering lessons? Do you have some long term goals you'd like to share? Looking to gain confidence with Real Book tunes like Erroll Garner's Misty or John Lewis' Afternoon In Paris?  Do you want to master the ability to play as a soloist? Accompanist? Whether you are wanting to simply learn to read music, better your technique, understand chords and chord progressions, learn to play piano by ear, learn how to improvise, or even write tunes of your own, you've discovered a valuable resource here at Piano Ca Dab Ra!




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