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1) Please review and understand that the reservation of any time slot is subject to our
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2) Press the Book Appointment button below to schedule your preferred time slot. Choose a 30min, 45min, or 60min time slot and your preferred starting time. Be sure to include your contact information during the booking process.

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Within a short amount of time, you will receive a confirmation via email with your preferred day and time. If you prefer to be reached via phone, please let us know during the booking process in step #2 above (please be sure to provide your email address as well). If there is any reason an alternate day and time must be scheduled (due to an overlap with another student's appointment, for example), you will be notified within a very reasonable amount of time. Either way, you will hear from us, of course!

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Special Note: If you are interested in a special day and time that is
not shown on our booking calendar, please let us know using our
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