Special Message for Adult Students

At Pianocadabra, all ages are welcome and encouraged. Now, as a prospective adult student here, there's something we need to put on the table right away...

Your approach to this learning experience is likely going to be a lot different from that of a child. You have more life experiences and you have your own personal responsibilities and obligations.  In addition, your musical goals - your reasons for wanting to take piano lessons - are probably more specific, too.
Adults have a ball learning piano at Pianocadabra!

You may fall into one of the following categories:

1) You never sat in front of a piano or keyboard in your life and want to try your hand at learning how to make some music. You might even feel as though you won't have enough time to practice in order to enjoy results.

2) You had some childhood piano experience, stopped for whatever reason(s), and you now wish that you had continued the journey back then.

3) You have lots of piano experience as a classical student/performer and would now like to direct your skills toward another musical genre such as pop, jazz, or other. Perhaps the concept of improvisation has always been an interest of yours and now you would like to explore your potential with creativity.

4) You have little or no experience at the piano but have been faced with prospective teachers telling you that you need to follow a specific "classically oriented agenda" which intimidates you (or that idea bores you altogether). Instead, you would like to learn more about playing chords, for example... or tunes that you are familiar... with and would appreciate an instructor who is empathetic with these desires of yours and is in tune with your feelings regarding all of this.

5) You have a little experience "dabbling" at those keys and would simply enjoy having a teacher who can enhance your appreciation of music and get you to expand on what you've been experimenting with.

If any of the above scenarios "strikes a chord" in you or you have other reasons for considering getting started with piano lessons, please know that you will be putting yourself in touch with a piano instructor who has enjoyed in excess of 35 years relating to adult learners in similiar situations! Truly, if you aspire to have fun at that piano or keyboard of yours, there is no reason not to make the next move.

Yes, based on our experience, it's true that a number of adults who have either picked up that phone or visited a local music studio have been faced with much of the same attitude. Either the proprietor or prospective teacher informs the adult of the specific regimen that must be followed in order to "get where he or she wants to go." In other words, statements like "You must learn how to do it our way before you can learn to play popular music/jazz music (or improvise, etc.)" are all too common. The reason you're likely to encounter such responses? Because most of these musical "authorities," even with the accomplishments they have enjoyed, do not know how to guide you along an avenue that is conducive to your reaching your personal goals. Perhaps you have experienced such an encounter yourself.

At Pianocadabra, it's our chief aim to have you thinking and playing musically right from the start. Sure, there are certain rudiments to learn... but they are presented in a manner in which these fundamentals can be applied in a musical fashion. You'll just have to experience this for yourself to really understand where we're coming from here.

You are highly encouraged to experience the difference. Give us a call or send us an email today. The music that's about to come from those fingertips of yours just may surprise you!

Questions? We would love to hear them. Please visit this page and let us hear from you!



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