Why Take Lessons Here?
Those "good old traditional piano lessons"... you know, when the teacher props up that book on the piano stand and asks you to practice what's on the page for a week ... the week's up, you trudge back to the studio and you either pass with flying colors or you don't... if the latter, you get the same song again (yep, for another week)... by this time, your tolerance for punishment is dwindling... okay, so you give it another go. Something tells you that you could actually pull it off this time but your motivation just isn't there. You're being honest with yourself as that voice in your head screams, "I don't like this song!" But it's in the lesson book so you've got to do it. Otherwise, you don't make it to the next song in the book (only to find yourself in the same situation again).

Do you have any idea how many children (adults, too) have quit lessons and never realized an iota of their personal musical potential because they didn't get past those first few lessons due to the fact that there were consumed with boredom? Sure, the teacher probably caught on to it but probably didn't know of another way.

So, what does that mean? Does the popular old cliche "Well, it's not for everyone" ring true in cases like these? Perhaps the teacher wasn't for everyone... or the method he or she was using... BUT... what a shame that the student's "spark" was dampered simply because things were approached the same old way so many teachers out there present themselves. Let's not put the blame on them. Their background most likely had a lot to do with it. They might have been taught one way and that's all they know.

Had that instructor had the flexibility and the skills necessary to help that student maintain his or her interest, who knows what would have been possible? The truth is that there are way too many stories like this taking place out there.

Question: as a parent, is it important to you that your son or daughter "make the grade" or that he or she develops a genuine appreciation for music.... and an authentic sense of self esteem and confidence for your investment of dollars and his/her investment in time and effort? If you are a prospective adult student, would you say this equally applies to you? It's time to get real. The old way works some of the time and when it does, it makes sense to borrow from it. However, some approaches get stale. The result? People get cheated out of what could and should have been a very, very positive experience.

By the way, if you are an adult who is considering getting started with piano lessons for yourself, please visit here for a message prepared especially for you.

At Piano Ca Dab Ra! it's a different experience. Sure, you can enjoy the benefits of traditional piano lessons but you also get to take advantage of an approach that you won't find anywhere else. It's one thing to be able to learn how to read music and play what you read in a confident manner. But so often, a private piano education falls short of providing the student with a well-rounded understanding of what he or she is playing.

            Did You Know?

Sarasota Piano Lessons - Learn To Play Piano Creatively!A good number of people thinking about taking piano lessons have a goal to be able to sit down and play their favorite popular & jazz tunes in a creative way. Did you know that the majority of music studios are not equipped to be able to help you in this area? A person trained classically, for example, might be qualified to show you how to read music but is often not likely to be the type of instructor who can assist you with reaching your goal of being able to play those favorite tunes of yours
with creative expression. 

You see, learning to read and play from sheet music, whether the idiom be baroque, classical, pop, rock, jazz, etc., can be a lot like learning "dictation." It's one thing to be able to prop up a piece of music (anything from Bach to Beethoven to George Gershwin to Billy Joel) on that piano stand and play what you see, which is great in itself, but it's quite another to approach that music from the perspective of one who is able to "read between the lines," so to speak - to perhaps see and play that music from the perspective of the composer. Imagine ten people playing Billy Joel's Piano Man, for instance, from a standard piece of sheet music. Chances are great that all ten pianists would sound pretty much the same. But wouldn't it be awesome if you were able to interpret a well-known classic tune like that from a creative perspective and really "put yourself into it" so it sounds like YOU rather than them? When you nurture your creative juices, standing out in the crowd becomes a natural experience!

Have you ever noticed how certain professional players not only have the ability to read and play great but have that "special something" that allows them to make that song sound like a million bucks? They can do that because they were taught how to look at music in a different way than your average "run of the mill" piano player. They learned and nurtured the art of piano styling. They are not afraid to make the most of harmony, as they are confident with mastering chords on the piano like most other players (and teachers!) never do. They get excited when the opportunity to improvise presents itself instead of running away from it.

Creative piano lessons available in Sarasota, FloridaHere at Piano Ca Dab Ra! you get to take advantage of approaching music from several different angles for a more well-rounded piano learning experience. You'll be enjoying one-on-one guidance with someone who understands the mechanics of music and how to get you to reveal to yourself and others what you are, indeed, capable of musically. In short, you're in for a different experience, one that will have you enjoying your time at that piano or keyboard of yours each and every time you sit down to play!

You'll be pleased to know that when it's your lesson time here at Piano Ca Dab Ra! it's your time. If you have ever experienced the discomfort of having to rush out of your lesson even before your session is over because another student is waiting, you know that it's not all that favorable. Here, we plan enough space in between lessons for a couple of reasons: 1) It gives your teacher the opportunity to give undivided attention to you during your lesson... all the way up to the conclusion; 2) It's just plain nicer to conduct lessons this way. You get the respect and attention you deserve. There is not a concern here with "squeezing" an entire roster of students back to back in an effort to serve the most people in one day. We prefer to take the more relaxed approach and, ultimately, it serves everyone better.

Questions? They are more than welcome here! Please visit this page and let us hear from you!




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